Serving western Washington and the Puget Sound Area, Huckleberry Landworks offers a full suite of Certified Arborist and Tree Risk Assessor consultation services for your trees. Whether you require a Hazardous Tree Report for removing a tree within city limits, a Certified Arborist Report for insurance appraisal following a house fire, or have concerns about preserving the health of your trees, Tom can provide the professional tree advice you need for your unique situation.

Technical Reports
Technical Reports can be prepared to satisfy permitting and compliance requirements for:

Tree Hazard and Risk Assessment
Tree Hazard and Risk Assessment should be utilized when you have concern that a tree may cause damage or harm to your property, your family or other vegetation below. Whether you are concerned about high winds, heavy snow or other strain on your tree(s), Tom will use his 25 years of horticultural expertise to investigate the best treatment or plan for your tree(s). The in-person visit will be followed by a written diagnosis or recommendation report.

Tree Disease and Pest Assessment
Many tree diseases and pests can be treated to save your tree(s), if caught at an early stage. Tom will identify the disease or pest, and whether the tree(s) can be treated, or plan for safe and effective removal. The in-person visit will be followed by a written diagnosis or recommendation report.

Municipal Tree Code Consultant
Most cities in Western Washington require a permit for removing trees. Permitting can vary city to city, as well as if the tree is a hazard, dying, in a wetland, on a critical slope, or designated as an Exceptional Tree. As an ISA Certified Arborist Municipal Specialist®, Tom can help determine what permitting laws may apply to your property, and coordinate the process with the municipality, along with mitigation negotiation.

Wetland Mitigation Planning and Planting
Tom can plan wetland mitigation and installation in accordance to mitigation and land requirements by county or municipality codes. While specializing in native plants, Tom is also experienced working with local governments and groups to create the best solution for all parties involved in mitigation planting.

Insurance Appraisal and Litigation Support
When a tree is damaged due to fire, vandalism, construction or a vehicle, an assessment of value will need to be determined for insurance purposes. The value of a tree is a complex calculation including the species type, the age, the health, and the projected age to which it could live. The in-person visit will be followed by a written diagnosis or recommendation report. This service can also include appearance as in-court expert witness and extended litigation support.

Tree Protection and Preservation
After assessment of the tree(s) risk, damage or disease, Tom can develop a plan of action for how to best preserve the health of the tree(s). This may include; pruning, pesticides (natural when possible), physical support, or other forms of rehabilitation.

Tree Pruning and Restoration
Tree pruning promotes new, healthy growth and removes old, dead and damaged limbs. It can extend blooming time on flowering trees in addition to improving harvest and production on fruit trees. Pruning can also reduce the risk of falling limbs in areas highly trafficked. Large evergreens, deciduous trees and young trees—all trees benefit from proper pruning.

Tree Inventory, Identification and Mapping
A tree inventory is the first step in a long term management program. The inventory will identify the quality and long-term viability of your trees, which provides a baseline for planning. This service includes mapping and an index of trees on your property for future reference.

Tree Transplanting
As an ISA Certified Arborist, Tom will plan and execute large and small tree transplants with extended knowledge in transplant requirements variable to each specific tree including; age, size, season, soil type, and destination.

Native Restoration
Native plant species are low maintenance and healthiest when in their natural environment. With expertise in local species, Tom can restore your property to a healthy, thriving and disease resistant landscape.

Seminars on Pruning Techniques
Pruning is an important part of tree management and ownership—but not many people know how to aid the tree in new growth, while reducing shock and damage to the tree by removing limbs. Tom can provide individual or group seminars on proper pruning techniques for general learning, or for specific tree species. He has experience teaching ages ranging from 12–80 year old students. These classes can be taught in a one-time seminar, or multiple sessions for extended learning.


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