Is my tree a safety hazard?

Trees are amazing, and provide a wide range of benefits including shade, wind protection, aesthetic value, and habitat for animals. But mature trees can become dangerous, causing thousands of dollars in damage and injury, ultimately creating a liability. And unfortunately, many hazardous trees are hard to notice until a major weather event, unless you’re an expert.

To determine if a tree is a safety issue, we look for signs of concern that may be indicated by structural defects or other signs of poor health. Signs of concern may include:

  • Leaning tree
  • Canopy is sparse, or there are visible dead limbs
  • The trunk has cracks or cavities
  • Fungi growing on the tree
  • Signs of root rot

While we love healthy trees for the benefits they provide, no tree is so valuable that it should put you or your community at risk. When in doubt, a certified arborist can inspect your trees for these signs of concern, and make recommendations for tree removal by providing a Hazardous Tree Report.

If you’re concerned about your tree becoming a hazardous risk, and would like a professional opinion, please contact us for a consultation.  

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